Weather Instuments & Units

The Barometer is a instrument to measure pressure. It can measure the pressure of air, water, or mercury. The barometer is a great tool to forecast changes in weather. An Aneroid Barometer is the one we use that measures air pressure. This is measured in Inches normally.
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This You tube video shows all about the barometer in a Two minute time frame. It demonstrates how it's used.

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The Psychrometer is an instrument to measure the dew point, which then calculates to the Relative humidity. It can also can be refer ed to a wet- and dry scale thermometer or sling psychrometer. The amount of evaporation, and cooling of the thermometer on the wet scale side, depends on the humidity of the atmosphere. The drier the atmosphere the faster is the water will evaporate.

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The anemometer is a device for measuring wind speed. It measures wind's velocity and wind's pressure. It The Cup Anemometer is used by how many times the cups rotates in a set time measures the average wind speed. The anemometer is measured in Miles Per Hour.
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This is a Hygrometer. This instrument is used to measure relative humidity. A simple form of the hygrometer is a psychrometer. Instruments used today are electronic. The two most common electronic sensors are capacitive or resistive. The capacitive sensors sense water by catching an AC signal between two plates and measuring the change in capacitance caused by the amount of water present. The resistive sensors use a polymer membrane which changes electricity according to the absorbed water.  Learn More Here

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A Raingauge is an instrument to gather the amount of liquid precipitation. Most rain gauge measure in millimeters. Now this instrument can not measure the amount of water for a hurricane, but it can measure a rainstorm amount. When using one, make sure it is not near any roofs or object blockers. That way you get the exact amount. Here is a video below on how to use a rain gauge.
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Weather is the state of the atmosphere within a certain period of time. Weather can be hot or cold, wet or dry, calm or storm, clear or cloudy. Weather occurs due to density differences between one place and another. weather refers to generally day-to-day temperature and precipitation activity were as climate is the term for more average weather in an area. Temperature is one of the main elements in weather measurements. Temperature is a measure of the average motion of particles in matter. Temperature can be measured in Celcius and Farenhiet. In the United States we meassure in Farenhiet. A thermometer is what we use to measure temperature. Thermometers ause elecrtonic means to provide a digital display. To learn more about weather and thermometers click on the URL's below.

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